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Hydrogen Pressure Vessel Conference

France, Tours

Important: This event is postponed. New dates to be announced soon.

The aim of the H2PV 2020 conference is to discuss the advances in H2 Composite High Pressure Vessels & Storage System. Major topics but not limited to:

  • Materials
  • Design
  • Conformable, Type V
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Processes
  • CPV Manufacturing
  • Instrumentation
  • Balance of plant
  • Testing
  • SHM, Inspection
  • Safety and Certification
  • Refueling Stations, Fast filling
  • Tank integration into vehicles
  • Demonstration, Deployment
  • Market

As co-chairmans, Professor Jean-Fran?ois Gérard (INSA Lyon) and Stéphane Villalonga (CEA), of the 4th Symposium on Hydrogen Pressure Vessels (H2PV 2020), will join?end users, industrials and researchers.

Particpants will have the opportunity during these two days to take time to exchange around the topics of Composite High pressure vessel for gazeous hydrogen storage and also storage system. A maximum of topics will be developed. The time dedicated for networking (coffee breaks, dinner) will be very precious to exchange point of views, find new solutions and new partners.

To fight against global warming, we shall reduce CO2 emission responsible for 70% of climate change. Since hydrogen is produced with a low carbon footprint, fuel cell technology using hydrogen and oxygen is a means of producing electrical energy without CO2 emission. However, hydrogen storage system is a key factor, particularly in transport sector. The technology of composite tanks for high pressure hydrogen storage remains perfectible. Solutions have yet to be found to reduce costs while increasing performance.

H2PV 2020 is the fourth edition of a conference only dedicated to Hydrogen Pressure Vessel and storage system (after PHASE 2016, PHASE 2017 and PHASE 2018 that was coupled to Copernic Project). These two days of conference are a unique opportunity to bring together all the stakeholders involved in the tank and the storage system. Around technical presentations, H2PV is an event which allows to find and amplify its international network.

This fourth edition conference is organized by CEA that is involved in the Hydrogen Pressure Vessel R&D for many years in the CEA center of Tours.

This event will take place? on 3-4 June 2020 in Tours, France.